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 Hanako Urahara [Soul Reaper]

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PostSubject: Hanako Urahara [Soul Reaper]   Hanako Urahara [Soul Reaper] Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2008 2:59 am

Full Name: Hanako Urahara

Nickname/Alias: Hana-chan, Captain Hana, Captain Hanako

Gender: Female

Age: Looks 12, is really around 145 years old.

Height: 4'8.5"

Family: Kisuke Urahara (her Uncle), Mother (deceased), Father (deceased), and younger brother (deceased)

Level: Captain (Formerly almost unknown to the other Soul Reapers)

Division: Division 3 (Yes, I know Amagai is Captain of Division 3, but too bad for him, he got demoted or something. You can do that, by the way, if you want to.)

Appearance: Hanako’s straight, light hair, exactly the same shade of blond as her Uncle Kisuke’s, is somewhat short, reaching a bit below her chin, although some of her bangs fall in front of her face. She often ties as much of her hair as possible back in two short pigtails, using cream-colored ribbons. When her hair isn’t pulled back, she likes to ruffle it a bit, just for fun. Her eyebrows are thin and slightly darker than the hair on her head. She loves to cross her brown eyes, a habit that she still has from before becoming a Soul. She has a dainty nose which is unexpectedly very sensitive, a fact that can cause her discomfort at times. Hanako is often found smiling sweetly, but that same smile can also pose as a dangerous one. Her short stature (4 feet, 8.5 inches) is a sensitive topic for her, and is possibly one of the few things that truly makes her mad when commented on. Her adorable appearance causes people to not take her seriously as a Captain and as a fighter, but that doesn’t seem to bother her that much. The Captain’s haori she has been given is a bit too large for her, and reaches almost past her fingertips. Seeing as it is also too long, Hanako is often tripping over it. When in her gigai, Hanako’s clothes consist of mostly jeans and t-shirts, with the occasional zip-up hooded sweater. For some reason, it sometimes smells of lilies when she passes by, although she claims she doesn’t use perfume or use lily-scented shampoo and conditioner. Because of her short height, Hanako’s zanpakuto is tied to her back with a cream sash that runs over her left shoulder to her right hip and back up again, somewhat resembling the way Toushiro Hitsugaya carries his zanpakuto.

Accessories: Her only accessory is the cream sash that she uses to tie her sword on her back, although in her gigai she sometimes (but rarely) wears a hat similar in style to her Uncle Kisuke's, only in a solid dark green color.

Talent: Hanako has a lovely singing voice, but has a large case of stagefright, so not many people know of this talent.

Personality: Hanako is a fun-loving, somewhat hyperactive little girl, something that makes her a very unique Captain. She can make any sort of training fun, and at times her training just doesn’t seem like training. Hanako is also very clumsy, something that is even more prominent in the way that she trips over her overlarge Captain’s haori, and even (on rare occasions) her own sword’s scabbard. Her clumsiness has caused her to bump into the same person multiple times. If she’s walking with someone, for example, she will most likely trip into them (or on them), causing either annoyance or awkwardness. Due to her clumsy and cheerful nature, she’s often underestimated by her opponents, and is even sometimes looked down upon by her elders, who (at times) seem to regret their decision in making her a Captain. She can make life a lot of fun, but also enjoys annoying people, too. She prides herself in being very good at that. Hanako gets along famously with her Uncle Kisuke who also trained her for a while. She seems to have a soft spot for mod souls, thinking that they’re lonely and need some attention and love. Although most of the time she’s outgoing, when she first meets someone (especially someone of the male gender or someone much older than her), she is abnormally shy. Once she learns to trust them and gets used to them, however, she reverts back to her old ways of having a lot of fun. Seeing as she’s still young, Hanako still enjoys turning almost anything into a game. Hanako’s light hair is often looked down upon by other people, Humans, Souls, and Shinigami alike, but she doesn’t really seem to mind that much, unless they continue on and on about how strange she is. Then she goes off on a long speech (using a lot of complicated words) that in the end either causes confusion or persuades the person to stop the teasing. Although she is normally happy on the outside, Hanako has a lot of difficulties expressing her true emotions, so she just pretends to be happy all the time (which she normally is anyway). She also has difficulties coming up with the right things to say, especially at meetings, parties, or when she’s forced to give a toast. Hanako has a bad sense of direction as well. For example, on her first day as a Captain, she got completely lost and went to a random building instead of where she was supposed to meet her Lieutenant and the rest of her division. Although she is playful and cheerful most of the time, she takes fighting very seriously. The minute a battle starts, she switches from a fun-loving child into a true Captain. Once the battle’s over and all the injured people are taken care of, she changes back into her optimistic, happy self once more. When in her gigai on Earth, Hanako makes friends with the other children that are as old as she looks very easily. She loves Earth food, especially if it has a sweet flavor to it. The only flavor of food that she doesn’t like is spicy. She can’t stand spicy food and claims she’s allergic to it. Hanako loves Earth and takes every chance she can get to go down on missions to the material world. Hating people being overly-formal, she insists on people calling her Captain Hanako, Captain Hana, or (to some of the people on Earth, as well as her uncle) Hana-chan.

Specialty: Swordsmanship. She's also very good at Kido, but no so much the flash step. It's not that she's slow, it's that she's really clumsy.

Name - Sakura
Sealed - A simple silver katana with a grip that has a very pale pink wrap. The guard is in the shape of an oval with a cherry blossom design etched into it. From the pommel hangs a single tassel, a shade darker than the wrap on the grip.
Shikai - Sakura is released into her Shikai form when Hanako says "Flourish, Sakura!". When Sakura is in her Shikai form, she becomes very light-weight, the blade changes so it's almost crystal-clear, and now the flower etchings on the guard have spread all the way up one side of Sakura's blade. The tassel on the pommel has now split into two, both very dark pink in color. These tassels play a key part in the way Sakura uses her abilities in her Shikai. When Hanako is fighting and she either gets cut, or cuts her opponent, the tassels gather either her spiritual power, or her opponent's spiritual power, depending on who got cut (if the oponent got injured, his or her spiritual power is taken, if Hanako is hurt, her spiritual power is taken). Once both tassels start to sort of wave on their own, Hanako can use Sakura's special Shikai attacks. There are two attacks she can use. One uses up the spiritual power of one of the tassels, and the other uses up both of the tassels' gathered spiritual power.
Attack 1 (1 tassel): The gathered spiritual power is released as Hanako swings her zanpakuto, be it either while touching the opponent's sword, or not.
Attack 2 (2 tassels): The gathered spiritual energy is released into three different, smaller, portions that can be saved for up to a minute, but then, if unused, the spiritual energy disappears, taking with it one of the ever so important tassles. This can only be used from a far way away.
Once both tassels are gone, Sakura is once again in her sealed form and cannot return to Shikai or Bankai for the rest of the battle.
Bankai - While in her Bankai, Sakura's blade changes to a pure white color, and the etchings have been colored pink. After using one of her special attacks only for Bankai, the pink color of the etchings fades away. Only when it fully returns can Hanako use another attack. Besides her regular coloring changing, Sakura also gains another tassel, but each tassel is now a different shade of pink; pale pink, regular pink, and dark pink. They gather up spiritual energy just like when Sakura's at Sankai, but not as much is needed, even though the attacks are much more powerful. Each one symbolizes one of the three attacks that can be used, and they can only be used in this order:
Pale pink: A much stronger version of the first Shikai attack. It's also much faster than the original.
Pink: A stronger version of the second Shikai attack, with 5 somewhat larger portions instead of the original 3 very small ones. It can also be saved up for 1 minute and 30 seconds instead of just 1 minute.
Dark pink: The only one that is completly new out of th three. What appears to be thousands of cherry blossom petals, but is really thousands of bits of spiritual energy compacted into a tiny space, appear. If an enemy touches just one, he or she will be greatly injured. This attack is good for large groups of enemies, seeing as there would always be someone to hit.
Once an attack is used, the tassel that it symbolizes has a 50% chance of disappearing. This shouldn't happen, but since Hanako is so young and just acchieved Bankai a little bit ago, her Bankai isn't fully developed. Once it's fully developed, the tassels' disappearence chance will drop dramatically, but there will always be the chance of them going away.

History: When she was alive, Hanako lived a happy, peaceful life with her mother, father, and little brother. One fateful day, when her parents and younger brother were driving to a family-friend party (she stayed home alone because she felt sick) the rain started up. The roads became slick and Mother, Father, and Little Brother were fatally injured and all died in the hospital. After the funeral, Hanako, who was still too young to live on her own, moved in with her Uncle Kisuke Urahara, who, at that time, was (unbeknown to Hanako and her family) a Soul Reaper. (Hanako’s whole family had been spiritually aware, but couldn’t tell the difference between a Soul and a living person, so, at that time, Hanako didn’t realize she was living with a Soul Reaper. Now, Hanako had always been a sickly child, but tried to pass it off by making jokes and pretending to be healthy. However, one day she was found to have a very rare and dangerous disease, one that, if not treated immediately, could result in death. Having ignored the symptoms, it was too late for Hanako to receive treatment. She died and became a soul shortly after and was sent to Soul Society, therefore losing her memory of what life was like when she was alive. The only thing she remembered were her name and (for some odd reason) her uncle. For a while, Hanako lived out happy days with her new “family”. After realizing how happy she was there, and how sad the lonely souls on Earth must be, Hanako decided to become a Soul Reaper. She wanted to help said souls move on to the Soul Society, as well as help save them from Hollows. After entering the academy for Soul Reapers at a very young age, Hanako was immediately put in the advanced class. She finished school early, and was sent to the 3rd division, although she was banned from becoming a seated officer due to her age. Being so young, she was often not taken along on missions, and therefore was not well-known to the rest of the Soul Reapers. When Gin Ichimaru left with Aizen, the 3rd division was (obviously) without a Captain. After a debate, as well all know, Amagai was made Captain. But he turned out not to be the right fit for that division, just as everyone was getting used to him. Yet again, the 3rd division had no Captain. It was around that time that Hanako had used her uncle’s special technique to achieve Bankai in 3 days. After doing so, Hanako was practicing it alone and was spotted by another Soul Reaper who found it very interesting. Without Hanako knowing, said Soul Reaper reported it to Head-Captain Yamamoto, who immediately forced her to take the Captain’s exam, just to test her skills. After Hanako passed with flying colors (much to the surprise of Head-Captain Yamamoto, Captain Ukitake, and Captain Kuchiki, the three captains that had been overseeing her exam), she became the 3rd division’s Captain. As of now, she is still gaining the respect of the other 3rd division members, a tough job for a short, very young girl who most of the division has never heard of.

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Hanako Urahara [Soul Reaper]
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