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 Vizard Template

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PostSubject: Vizard Template   Vizard Template Icon_minitimeMon Jul 07, 2008 6:16 pm

A Vizard template. Yay!

Full Name: first name, then last, if you please

Nickname/Alias: Well, that's pretty self-explanitory.

Gender: Just one word. That's all you need.

Age: What they appear to be and how old they actually are.

Height: Feet and inches!

Appearance: Detailed, at least 250-300 words.

Talents: What are their talents?

Personality: At least 300 words (don't forget flaws, by the way)

Weapons: If it's not a zanpakuto, of course

Zanpakuto: Name, sealed description, Shikai, and Bankai.

Mask: If you're a Vizard, you've got a mask, obviously. So, what's it look like? (This is one of the fun parts!)

History: At least 500 words, preferably much longer.

A Vizard template (which I think is missing some stuff....)

w i n t e r * b o r n
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Vizard Template
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