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 Kotane Izumo [SOUL REAPER]

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Kotane Izumo

Kotane Izumo

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Kotane Izumo [SOUL REAPER] Empty
PostSubject: Kotane Izumo [SOUL REAPER]   Kotane Izumo [SOUL REAPER] Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17, 2008 5:28 am

Full Name: Kotane Shikoku Izumo

Nickname/Alias: Captain Izumo, Captain Izu-Izzo, Izzy,"The Yellow Flash"

Gender: Male

Age: Died at 27 y/o, actually 40

Height: 7'3.2" feet tall

Family: Mother (living), Father (deceased), Brother (unknown, Presumed Deceased), Lover Isane, Best Friend Shinsui

Level: Captain

Division: 9 (Kaname Tousen's old squad)

Kotetsu has a single long White pony tail down the back, it reaches down to his knees when it is not knotted up. His Hair and size has always brought attention to him, at the very bottom of his hair he has a black tipping. Has a modified version of the captains jacket, it reaches down to his wrists to conceal his wrist launcher, he has some square shaped light glasses and front hair down to his shoulders, in battle he ties this up with the rest of his hair, he has one small ring which was given to him from his mother when kotetsu left for the academy. Has a Thick but flexible Fiber mesh full body armor fitter to his entire body, this armor is 100% lightning retardant so his attacks don't effect him and he has no backlash. In his hair he has a small brooch holding his long hair in a single strand on the brooch is the picture of a kotetsu's wife in the real world. To keep his hair from going everywhere kotetsu has made small metal rings to keep his hair in one long strand, he usually uses these rings in fights or ceremonies. He has one scar on his left cheek from his first battle with an Arrancar. His Gegai form is a large bright-red leather jacket that reaches down to the ground a large round Bright-red leather hat and a Red Vest and Red Leather Trousers and orange glasses, his Gegai form has been commented by many other captains as another reason why he is as foolish as a child, the reason he does this in his own words "is for the laughs of watching others watch him". His eyes are a Dark Red and his face is often covered by his white hair, one of the scariest things he ever did was play a prank on rangiku with his hair covering his face and his red eyes glinting through, she was knocked out with shock. His size has always brought attention to him, but he doesn't let it bother him, he enjoys the company of smaller people and children reason "I find it funny". His voice is very deep, he tries to make it lighter but most of the time fails at it, is a man of very few words but when he speaks its either to say something important, to say something funny or to laugh at someone. His Captains Jacket has Calligraphy Written on it, the main phrase on it is, "Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway", it also has other things on it like dates and words, some of the dates are dates of his pranks, others are that of birthdays, some of the words are simple words like, Laugh, Joke and Eye. When asked why he had writing on his captain's jacket he just shrugged and replied "because i can".

Accessories: One Small Ruby Ring (left, Ring Finger)
Orange tinted Glasses
Wrist Launcher (shoots Immobilizing Needles)
Leg Weights (to improve flash step)
Body Armour (under Captain Coat)
Sword Hold
(Gegai Form) A gun, the bullets are made from the same metal as a Zanpacuto, so he can dispatch of Hollows without needing to go into spirit form

Running. he is the fastest racer in Seretei even without his flashstep (this is why he is really good with flashstep), Calligraphy, he uses the tip of his hair as a calligraphy brush ( the reason why his hair has been permanently died black).

Laid back, making him friends with Shinsui Kyoraku, likes wine, making him friends with Rangiku, takes no interest in the running of things and leaves that up to his lieutenant. Relishes the rare fights of captains and is always trying to get permission to leave to go hunt some hollows (but is always denied) likes to nap and sleep in his chair. When awakened from his sleep he is very angry and has been known to use the flash step when his sleep is about to be jeopardized. Goes on any impulse he wants, many other captains have referred to him as the "Child of the captains", even Hitsugaya (lol), When in fights he is very strong, but never plans out his attacks, the reason for the scar on his face. The only thing he loves more than sleep is Pranks, being known to have pulled over 150 pranks in his time at the Soul Reaper Academy, 324 pranks in his time as a normal soul reaper, and over 500 pranks as captain of the 9 guard squad, there are also many other pranks that are that have been thought to be pulled by kotetsu, but no proof has been found. The most memorable prank was where he stole and stole all the captains Zanpacuto and hid them all through out the Seretei, the entire complex was locked down and soul reapers where recalled from the realm of the living all in search of it, after 2 months, all the captains zanpacuto's where returned and kotetsu was sentenced by the central 46 for "Heinous Crimes Against The 13 Court Guard Squads". after this he was labeled by head captain Yamamoto as, "Psychotic" and was banished from seretei for a time until he was let back in after an appeal by Shinsui, he is a legend to all academy students, and every graduate wants to be put under him, so they can goof off and not do any work. He considers everything a joke and is always up for a laugh, he loves to be pranked. When in battles he loves every second, and like Kenpachi, he relishes every cut and bruise he gets, he hates it when fights end to quickly, but always respects the people he fights. When asked why he takes almost nothing seriously, he replied "Because you live life only once, and when you die if you've had no fun where do you end up?".

Flash Step (usually used to escape after pranks) and Swordsmanship

Zanpakuto: Dual Thunder - Tazun'o and Tazun'a -
This was an experimental sword, altered by Kisuke to absorb Kotane's immense spiritual pressure, like kenpachi's eye patch, it absorbs spiritual pressure but with these swords it releases it into the blade making its steel stronger and its attacks more damaging. Originally these swords were one, Tazun'u, but after absorbing to much spiritual pressure the sword had to be split into two.

Two blades hung over shoulders on my back has small yellow glowing domes on the tips of the hilt, with a light yellow wrap and on the left swords guard is a right spiraling bronze swirl on the right sword there is a left spiraling bronze swirl.

The Shikai is released when said "Leave Nothing But Dust, Tazun'o, Tazun'a!!!" when released it forms a spinning blade on a small metal hold, it spins around and charges up for a blast of lightning, this blade is faster then fast, when it is spinning it can break through strong metal walls, it spins very easily and requires no effort to spin, it can be stopped simply by moving the arm to the left so the flat part of the blade halts on the arm, this spinning sword incorporates both swordsmanship and martial arts. Once the blades have stopped spinning they can be slightly altered to not swing at all, they just become blades that stay stationary and are used to stab at the enemy.

Attack 1:
Thunder Blast, with this, kotetsu charges the blades and strikes the ground for a medium scale explosion.

Attack 2:
Thunder Strike, charges the blades and connects with either the zanpacuto or the person wielding it.

Attack 3:
Thunder Orb, the blades spin faster than fast and creates a perfect sphere around kotetsu, with this kotetsu can slam into enemies and fly through them, or make an explosion on impact.

Attack 4:
Thunder Shield, spins a single blade fast and charges it with electricity which makes a shield of lightning.

Attack 5:
Thunder Fist, Transfers energy from blade into fist and allows kotetsu to blast the enemy up close with a electric blast.

Bankai is activated when the two blades are fully sated, Through being electrically charged and being slashed at, when activated the two blades form one large bright yellow ribbon, this ribbon is attached to the left hand and is used as a whip, it is used to make large explosions and to wrap around and destroy Zanpacuto this whip can finally be used to wrap around Kotetsu to give him the ability to fly using static electricity, it allows him to float through the air quickly and launch explosive lightning out of any part of his body, as a suicidal attack kotetsu flies into the air and wraps the enemy with him then rockets down to the ground and smashes into the ground finished off with a fiery explosion that leaves nothing for 60 km in every direction, there is no way that anything can survive within the center of it, including kotetsu, but rumor says hes been developing a way to teleport away from the area just before the attack hits.

Kotetsu was born into a poor family, his mother died at the birth of his brother and his father died in a work accident, at the time kotetsu was eighteen years old and brought his little brother up and cared for him, his life was very hard 9 years after his father died kotetsu was at a bank withdrawing his weeks pay to buys some groceries when a bank robber came through, and took the entire bank hostage. in his last attempt to escape, the robber took kotetsu hostage, during a high speed chase the car was ran off the road, killing both the people within.

In the soul society he was nothing more then a soul, he could never find his mother and father, after a time in the soul society he wanted to escape the slums, so he joined the academy, he passed with flying colours at the top of his swordsmanship class, in turn, he was the lowest scoring student in Kido, after his graduation, he was immediately accepted into the 1st squad after a incident with Sereitei's wine stores and 15 wounded he was banished from the 1st squad, he was taken in by almost all of the other squads and was also rejected, he was taken into shinsui's squad 8 and was put at the 3rd seat, untill he left because he didn't want to get shinsui in trouble, after he left he joined squad 9 and was again put at the 3rd seat, since this was the last squad left aside from squad 4 he pulled himself together and rose to the third seat, after kanames defection from the soul society he was put in charge of the day-to-day running of the squad, after a few months running things, shinsui put forward the vote to put him in charge of squad 9, this was of course rejected by almost all of kotetsus former captains, so shinsui gathered the 3 others who voted to elect kotetsu and they held a captains exam for him, he passed all the sections, barely scraping through the Kido section. at this he was put as the captain of squad 9. With these new found powers, kotetsu started to comb the slums of Sereitei in search of his original family, he found them 2 years after begining his search, in an old abandoned house in district 80, he found his father, malnourished and near death and his mother was passed out on the floor, he took them directly to Isane and Retsu Unohana at squad 4, his father died in surgery, and his mother has lost all function in her left leg. Soon after this he returned to his duties as a captain and continued to play pranks on his squad members, (especially on his lieutenant, when she is trying to do work).

Is this OK?>?????!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

lol im done i think if you dont like it tell me and ill redo it

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PostSubject: Re: Kotane Izumo [SOUL REAPER]   Kotane Izumo [SOUL REAPER] Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17, 2008 9:02 am

Yes, it seems very good so far, although the appearence is sort of short, but since you're not done yet and all, that's okay.
Captain Izumo seems to be a very interesting character, too, I like him.

w i n t e r * b o r n
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Kotane Izumo [SOUL REAPER]
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