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 Ze Forum Rules

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3rd Squad Captain

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PostSubject: Ze Forum Rules   Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:53 pm

Well, there's obviously going to be different rules for the Out Of Character chatness and the Roleplaying, so these are the rules for the regular forums.
If you don't obey them, you will be eaten.

1] Spam is detested. Dunno why you'd even WANT to spam, but still, there are some strange people out there who live to spam. Hopefully you're not one of them. If you are, something bad will happen if you spam on Bleached.

2] Insults are mean. No one likes them. So, just don't being insulting or a jerk or whatever. Just don't do it.

3] Swearing, cussing, sailor talk, profanity, whatever the heck you wanna call it, keep it to a minimum. Nothing to excessive, 'kays? I know that people are pottymouths in Bleach, so you can say some bad words, but not too many. It's not like they go around saying too bad of stuff, either, so nothing THAT drastic.

4] Ah, chatspeak. No, just no.

5] Nothing too mature, either. What happens if some little kid comes along, sees something bad, then goes up to his mom saying, "Mama, what does _____ mean??"

6] Please, when you've got a signature, keep it not-too-big or eye-burning. And it has to be appropriate for little kids. Just in case.

Okay, so, abide by above rules, and things will be happy and cheerful in the regular forums. ^-^

w i n t e r * b o r n
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Ururu Tsumugiya-sama
4th Squad Captain
Ururu Tsumugiya-sama

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PostSubject: Hmm   Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:49 am

Is there a group making system? Suspect i wanna make a Ururu fanclub I love you
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Neliel Tu
4th Squad Vice-Captain
Neliel Tu

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PostSubject: memories   Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:52 pm

the word profanity reminds me of times when me and my friends yelled, NO PROFANITY!. xD Very Happy
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Kotane Izumo

Kotane Izumo

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PostSubject: Re: Ze Forum Rules   Sun Jul 20, 2008 1:26 am

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PostSubject: Re: Ze Forum Rules   

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Ze Forum Rules
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